Paddle Sports

We have kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddleboards (SUP) for recreational use and to access some of the most spectacular scenery on the West Coast. Explore the shoreline, reefs and tidepools laden with kelp, eelgrass, starfish and incredible marine life. Paddle amongst seals, otters, eagles, herons and land life which might include mountain goats, bear, deer and elk. From time to time we are visited by orcas and dolphins. Visit aboriginal cliff paintings and a popular marine park only minutes away.


Our resort is located on waterfront only seconds away from many kilometers of beach that hosts the fascinating world of shellfish, starfish and all the little “critters” that hang out under the rocks. This is what makes us so unique. The rich vegetation includes the much sought after “sea asparagus”. Pick oysters and mussels and dig clams. We provide expertise and equipment.

Hiking and Biking

Bring your mountain bike for casual or serious riding beneath a canopy of an ancient forest, along trails with magnificent views, and more. The biking video on our gallery page is a “must see”. We do have a couple of bikes available.  For hiking enthusiasts our groomed trails and abandoned logging roads offer spectacular scenery and the serenity and wonders of nature, under the shade of the” old growth” cedar, fir and maple trees, some of which are over 500 years old.

Tzoonie played host to the Coastal Crew mountain bikers, and the SRAM film is out, and featured on All for One – The Search for Adventure.  View the SRAM X01 Professional Mountain Biking Video below:

Fishing & Crabbing

Our Inlet is famous for sea-run cutthroat trout which may be taken by fly or spin rod. You can driftfish or troll from canoe, kayak or rent a small runabout. We might arrange some guided fishing for reef fish, i.e. red snapper, cod, etc if time and tides permit. You might also catch perch from our docks to bait crab traps and subsequent feast.

Green Leaders

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Aboriginal Tourism

Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC

We are members of the Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC. Find us there: