Narrows Inlet Backcountry

The Sunshine Coast is actually part of the BC mainland separated by the long fiord of Howe Sound.

Looking east on Narrows Inlet, the background hosts the Squamish and Whistler area glaciers which remain white year around and provide a stunning backdrop for the Inlet which is considered one of the most spectacular on the West Coast of BC.

A bikeable hiking trail from the resort leads up to a decommissioned forest service roads with access following the Inlet both east and west. Travelling west you will cross a great little creek with tiny falls and pools ideal for a refreshing dip below the low bridge. Continuing on for a couple of kms you will gain access to a groomed trail which will provide a short hike to a viewpoint with stunning views of Narrows Inlet and surrounding mountains.

Heading east past “Rogers Pass “ trail you will reach Bear Creek where a short hike along the creek through spectacular old growth rain forest will take you to the Inlet which offers a great view and ideal stop for lunch and perhaps some trout fishing. Continuing east from Bear Creek for a couple of kms you will pass Veil Falls with a vertical fall of hundreds of meters. From the Falls you can continue to your hearts delight, if you wish, to the head of Narrows Inlet and continue along the Tzoonie River and much much more.(see map)

It should be noted that during your travels, whether hiking or biking there are many berry patches which include salmon berries, salal, thimble berries and black berries. These plants do attract black bears so you might want to consider carrying a whistle or horn to warn of your advance. It should be noted however, that in over thirty years of hiking and biking, our guests have never experienced a bad situation, despite many close encounters. Many many opportunities for fantastic exploration!!!

Map of Narrows Inlet Backcountry trails


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