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Tzoonie Wilderness Resort is located far from development and at the foot of the ridge that separates Narrows Inlet from Salmon Inlet. While there used to be active logging some kilometres up and along the ridge some years ago, today the area is relatively undisturbed. Guests to Tzoonie may see black bear, cougar, raccoon, mink, otter and seal along the shores and in the forest above the camp. Many summers we see pods of Pacific whitesided dolphins and the occasional orca or mother and calf; several summers ago a mother and calf played in the bay directly across from Tzoonie for a number of hours around sunset, and with the waters flat calm guests listened and watched through binoculars until it finally grew dark – a magical experience.

At night, well after the sun has set and the sky has gone blue-black and the vastness of the stars visible to the human eye without the glare of lighting, guests can often see bioluminescence from the walkway and dock. Otters can be seen perch and herring, and tossing a handful of sand in the water sends shoals of tiny fish and perch darting through the dark water like arcs of light. For those willing to stay up late enough to see the stars and bioluminescence, this experience is the highlight of their stay.

Tzoonie strives to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Recyclables and food waste are dealt with in a sustainable manner. We have not had a bear in our resort for over 20 years. Our electric lights in kitchen-dining room, shower building and one cabin are powered by solar energy. There is no internet/cellular phone connection at the resort, however we do have marine communication for emergencies. You can bring your device as a camera with “charge up” available!

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We are members of the Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC. Find us there: aboriginalbc.com