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New for 2017

Bike and Fish Experience We are fortunate we can access many miles of abandoned logging trails which provide the opportunity to visit and explore a vast area of remote forests, streams and lakes. Some of the terrain is hilly and adds to the challenge of reaching the end of the Inlet and mouth of the

It never ends!!!!

It’s been forever since I last sat down to update this aspect of our marketing which becomes more complex and complicated each day. It seems this  website at was dated within weeks after it’s inauguration. Apparently in this hi-tech age with daily improvements in mobile equipment, it is almost impossible to keep up. We have now

About time!!!!

Can’t believe it’s been months since I last blogged. After a lousy wet cold spring or should I say ” no spring”…the climate change to hot dry days and introduction to summer weather has meant much work to keep up with maintenance and new projects at Tzoonie to say nothing about record number of visitors in

Other things at Tzoonie

Been awhile since my last blog. Sitting in our office in Sechelt watching the heavy snowfall which occurs every 10 years or so and dreaming about spring weather which we should be enjoying this time of year. Many chores await at Tzoonie in Narrows Inlet before we hope to welcome our first guests in late

Fly-Fishing Tzoonie

Over the past 30 years we have run the course of promoting and offering  outdoor recreational activities which ranged from reef fishing for cod, red snapper, etc to ATVing and canoeing in addition to the traditional options of hiking, biking, bird and game watching,  beachcombing, etc. We have experienced changing trends. Reef fishing daily limits have dropped to

Looking Ahead 2017

Running a family business has its drawbacks!!! It seems there is never enough time to update programs such as this blog. Tzoonie as operated in Narrows Inlet on the Sunshine Coast for over thirty years. We have tried to provide equipment and expertise to accommodate recreational pursuits that have evolved over the years. In the

Season Ends

Where did summer go?? Seems we just opened for 2016 and yesterday began putting things away for the off-season months. In spite of some inclement weather we enjoyed the summer and comments from guests were very encouraging. Something we cannot seem to stress enough is the fact that we offer a “digital detox” experience. We

Overdue update

It seems like a century since the last blog. We’ve been busy with guests and heavy maintenance necessary from monsoon rains we experienced during March and April. No doubt the most precip in the past 30 years. As mentioned in the previous blog the annual Vision Quest retreat had to be postponed until 2017. For

August Long Weekend

Just preparing to leave for Tzoonie for weekend returning Sunday July 17. I am writing this brief blog mainly as a source of information for anyone wishing to visit Tzoonie over the August 1 long weekend. Over the past few months we have had a number of requests which had to be turned down because

Natures Force

Mountain biking is becoming quite prevalent out here on the Sunshine Coast with some world class facilities. We are very fortunate  at Tzoonie that we have direct access to many kilometers of old logging trails ideal for biking or hiking. It is probably just a matter of time before someone develops the suicidal downhill runs

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