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Over the past 30 years we have run the course of promoting and offering  outdoor recreational activities which ranged from reef fishing for cod, red snapper, etc to ATVing and canoeing in addition to the traditional options of hiking, biking, bird and game watching,  beachcombing, etc. We have experienced changing trends. Reef fishing daily limits have dropped to ” one a day” which can hardly justify boat rental and in many cases a guide. For the most part, canoeing gave way to kayaking which in turn seems to be taking a back seat to paddle boarding and mountain biking.

Several years ago we used to host quite a few anglers addicted to fly fishing and/or trolling for sea run cutthroat trout. The abundance of these trout in Narrows Inlet has been a well kept secret for many years. Instead of dealing with fly fishing on a separate basis, we began to withdraw from fishing in general with more emphasis on the more popular activities. We do receive enquiries from fly fisher people who somehow or another have heard about the possibilities in Narrows Inlet. One chap from Portland enquired about the extent of walkable beach, complete with occasional creeks, accessible from our resort, It had never occurred to us that this might be an asset until we realized there is in excess of a couple of miles of that type of beach. Some of our guests have trolled and fly fished from kayaks and canoes but beach fishing was never too much of a consideration. Perhaps the time has come to remind visitors to our website that cutthroat fishing at Tzoonie is still alive and well!!men fishing at riverred snapper_1IMG_0260

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