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Been awhile since my last blog. Sitting in our office in Sechelt watching the heavy snowfall which occurs every 10 years or so and dreaming about spring weather which we should be enjoying this time of year. Many chores await at Tzoonie in Narrows Inlet before we hope to welcome our first guests in late April or early May.

I keep referring to the usual recreational activities that most visitors enjoy such as biking, hiking, paddling sports, fishing, beachcombing, etc but there are a couple of others that are overlooked. Received a letter recently from someone representing a starwatchers group who are interested in having Narrows Inlet¬†dedicated as a World Heritage Site for that purpose.¬†Viewing the night skies has always been a spectacular experience, especially when combined with the phosphorescence in the water, however I’ve never considered that it was so special and significant to warrant a request for support. Certainly, if you are a “star gazer”, you should consider a visit. You will not be disappointed.

Another activity that should be mentioned is “bird watching”. A couple of years ago we had a guest from Washington State who was able to identify over two dozen species of birds while relaxing on our deck. The list is available if anyone is interested.

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