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Where did summer go?? Seems we just opened for 2016 and yesterday began putting things away for the off-season months. In spite of some inclement weather we enjoyed the summer and comments from guests were very encouraging.

Something we cannot seem to stress enough is the fact that we offer a “digital detox” experience. We do not have access to internet or cell phone service. In the old days, prior to digital technology, we did have cell phone access  but these new funny little phones “just don’t do it”.  This season we hosted two groups who insisted on returning home after one day because they could not text or talk to the outside. This does not mean we cannot access the outside in an emergency situation.

Next season we are hoping to open earlier in year, i.e. April 15, weather permitting. The spring weather on Sunshine Coast can be glorious and many city folk need a break from the winter hustle and busy schedules.

A couple of years ago we were contacted by a bicycle parts company headquartered in Chicago. They had heard about our resort with its immediate access to many kilometers of abandoned logging trails. They wanted to produce a video that would inform viewers that there are destinations where mountain bikers and family members can enjoy additional  activities such as canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, etc. In any case they arrived with video cameras, bikers and a great crew. They produced a video that can be viewed on this website. The Sunshine Coast and Lower Mainland of BC are fast becoming a major destination for mountain biking. The potential for developing this recreational activity on Narrows Inlet is virtually unlimited and we have decided to search for a partner to take on this challenge. We invite anyone interested to get in touch.

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